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The Little Heritage Spa is a new addition to the Cape Heritage Hotel, where contemporary chic and historic graciousness meet. Situated in Cape Town’s fashionable Heritage Square, this intimate boutique hotel environment offers a selection of experiences from the spa to the restaurants and the quaint businesses situated there.

The Little Heritage Spa boasts a relaxed environment for our hand & foot lounge where you can receive all kinds of manicures and pedicures which have a Cape/African feel, as well as our unique fish therapy. The Garra Rufa fish love to nibble on dead skin. As soon as the clients insert their limbs in the water, an army of these little fish start eating away the skin that’s been softened by the warm water, leaving your feet soft and smooth. You can make use of the lounge for your treatment, or enjoy the view from our balcony instead. Only top quality products are used, and our therapists are trained to ensure you receive the best service. Our therapy room offers specialised massage therapies from experienced therapists.

Make use of our services during your holiday, or pop in between work, or even arrange a group booking for our hand & foot lounge.